renaplast readymix plaster

Renaplast Readymix Plaster makes the mason’s job simple. There are no mixing problems or quality concerns. Our Readymix Plaster is a pre-modified cementitious mortar with finely graded natural aggregates and additives designed for plastering AAC/red brick walls, concrete walls, and Surfaces. Renaplast RMP is ideal for internal and external areas.

Renaplast Readymix Plaster is a mix of high-quality polymer additives and binders, making it strong and durable. It can be used on inner walls and outer walls. It is easy to use and gives a fine-quality finish to the walls. We assure superior finish and longevity as our products undergo stringent quality tests to ensure their lifespan.


  • Crack free wall
  • Premixed
  • Easy mixing and application
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost-effective
  • Superior finish
  • Durable with superior strength
  • Formulated with locally sourced minerals
  • Contribute to LEED points

application METHODOLOGY

  • Area of application: The application area should be free from oil, grease, silt and any other dust particles. Before applying the Renaplast the surface of the wall should be made wet with soft sponge.
  • Mixing of Renaplast: Now take a dust-free container filled with 9-11 litres of clean water and mix one bag of Renaplast ready mix plaster.
  • Better result: To get better material mix instead of going for hand mix , suggested using a mechanical vibrator for even mixing level.
  • Usage method & pot time: Use the paste one hour from the time of mixing by pasting the Renaplast on the surface horizontally and vertically. Then use the leveling mallet to bring an even surface on the wall.
  • Process of curing: After plastering is done, leave until the surface becomes dry and do curing 2 times a day for the next 3 days in normal weather conditions. In case of abnormal weather curing is to be done for 5 – 7 days.
Renaplast readymix plaster
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