Renaatus Procon Private Limited is the leading manufacturer of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), with five decades of experience in the construction industry and three manufacturing units across Tamil Nadu. We design, manufacture, and deliver the country’s most sustainable AAC blocks. 

Our Journey

From our inception, we have strived to bring value to our environment in the form of green building materials which is eco-friendly and sustainable. In this new revolution, we make a long-lasting difference by focusing on water & energy efficiency, improving productivity, monetary savings, and minimum wastage. We use fossil energy wastes for making our products. We also manufacture sustainable construction chemicals.

Our seasoned professionals with in-depth expertise and rich experience in the construction industry made a pivotal decision to manufacture and deliver agile, strong, safe, quality products to customers. 

About the Founder
P. Selvasundaram

Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Selvasundaram is a pioneering and ambitious leader with a wealth of experience and knowledge. His strong commitment and desire to learn are the driving forces of the RPP Group. His expertise and professional integrity have helped the group reach unparalleled success.

In the last 50 years, RPP Group has undergone massive changes starting from the name of the company, area of operations, and introduction of new technologies. While embracing novel changes, RPP’s focus never faltered and remained on serving society at any point.

Each strategic decision made by Mr Selvasundaram revolves around the welfare of society since he firmly believes without society, there is no business or growth.

The future is for those who dare to dream and find the courage to pursue their dreams.





Infact, India is among the top 5 construction markets.

The construction market is expected to grow to $1.4 Trillion (INR 99 Lakh Crores) by the year 2025, serving 51 million


  • Every employee of this organisation has to be empowered in their jobs and happy be with their families
  • Employee satisfaction will improve, when they know about their contribution towards the greater goal of the organisation and its development
  • We should always aim to make employees contribute towards their well being and ensure they succeeded in it.
  • There is nothing more satisfying than doing a job well and delivered with heart


  • Our customers are top priority
  • Customer satisfaction is the key for success
  • We should always welcome our customers professionally, humbly and show gratitude, as they are our strength and opportunity
  • We have to manage our customer’s work, with process better than others in the industry and lead by example.


  • The future is about being highly innovative and constantly generate ideas.
  • Our goal is to create an environment, that will encourage people to generate innovative ideas and implementation with measure of effectiveness.
  • We already have begun to work on many of the innovative ideas and we are getting ready to be a futuristic company.
  • We may not live for hundreds of years but our creativity, innovative products should leave a legacy for long years after we are gone.
  • If you accustom yourselves to use of creativity in smallthings, creativity on a larger scale will follow and improve

Our Vision

We strive to create a green and eco-friendly environment by supplying innovative products that stimulate growth in the construction industry.

Our Mission

To make Renacon replace all types of concrete blocks and conventional clay bricks in the construction industry by offering customers innovative, eco-friendly, new-age technology products and unmatched service backup.

We Serve with

5000+ Projects | Work with 3 Cs | Innovation (Unique Experience Center).