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Renafix Tile adhesive – 333

Renafix Tile Adhesive 333 is a multi-purpose, highly polymer-modified adhesive for fixing large format stones on interior and exterior floors & walls on various substrates. Specially designed for setting large format stones on interior and exterior floors and walls, Renafix offers unrivalled versatility and reliability. With its advanced formulation and compatibility with various substrates, Renafix Tile adhesive is the ultimate solution for achieving seamless and long-lasting installations.


  • Single component, add water
  • Offers high strength for your premium stones
  • Bonds to various substrates
  • Exceeds IS 15477:2019 – Type 3TE adhesive standards
  • Recommended for wet areas like swimming pools, water bodies and washrooms
  • it Can be used for tile-on-tile applications
  • It can be used as a slurry bond adhesive in wet-on-wet applications

Application Methodology

  • Place clean and potable water into a mixing pail 
  • Add Renafix 333 into the pail.
  • Use approximately 5.5 – 6L of water for 20kg of powder.
  • Use a slow-speed mixer for better trowel-able consistency
  • Allow the Adhesive to slake for 5-10 minutes
  • Adjust consistency if necessary
  • Remix and apply with the proper-sized notched towel.

Working Properties

  • Renafix 333 must be Adhesive mixed with water
  • Open time: 30 min
  • Adjustment time: 30 min
  • Pot Life: 4 hours
  • Time to Heavy foot traffic: 24 hours