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Renafix Tile adhesive – 444

Renafix Tile Adhesive is a premium white multipurpose, highly polymer-modified fiber-reinforced deformable tile & stone adhesive for fixing large format tiles & stones on interior and exterior floors & walls on various substrates. With its exceptional properties and advanced formulation, the adhesive offers unmatched performance in the realm of tiling.


  • Single component, just add water
  • Easy mixing 
  • Offers high strength for your large format sensitive stones 
  • Bonds to various substrates 
  • Water and shock resistant 
  • Complies with EN / ISO with a C2TES1 classification 
  • Can be applied with a high bed thickness of 15mm 
  • Recommended for a variety of substrates 

Suitable Substrates 

  • Concrete & concrete masonry
  • Mivon concrete
  • Tremix concrete
  • Vacuum dewatered flooring
  • Cement plaste
  • Glass mosaic tile 
  • Ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, and natural stones
  • Brick masonry
  • Cement terrazzo
  • Areas subject to heavy foot traffic

Application Methodology

  • Place clean and potable water into a mixing pail
  • Add renafix 444 into the pail
  • Use approximately 6 – 6.5 L of water for 20 kg of powder
  • Use a slow-speed mixer for better trowel-able consistency
  • Allow the adhesive to slake for 5- 10 minutes
  • Adjust consistency if necessary
  • Remix and apply with the proper-sized notched towel

Working Properties

  • Open time: 35 min 
  • Adjustment time: 30 min 
  • Bed thickness : 3 to 15 mm
  • Pot Life: 4 hours
  • Time to Heavy foot traffic: 24 hours
  • Time to heavy foot traffic : 24 hours