renafix floortop hardener

Our Renafix Floor Top is a non-metallic hardener which contains specially graded non-metallic hard-wearing natural aggregates. It is applied as a dry shake over freshly floated concrete to provide a durable, non-slip monolithic floor.

Renafix Floor Top Hardener is a premium product with higher abrasion and impact resistance, giving a long-lasting life. It is a pre-blended, easy-to-use dry shake powder for concrete floors and toppings. Our product provides a dense surface which resists corrosion and absorption of grease, oils and most chemical stains.


  • Crack free wall
  • Premixed
  • Easy mixing and application
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost-effective
  • Superior finish
  • Durable with superior strength
  • Formulated with locally sourced minerals
  • Contribute to LEED points

application METHODOLOGY

It is recommended that the floor be marked off into bays of the known area. Sufficient material should be laid out to meet the required spread rates. Application of Rena Top Hardener can begin when the base concrete has stiffened to the point when light foot traffic leaves an imprint of about 3mm. Any bleed water should by now have evaporated. Renafix Floor Top is applied in two stages.

The first application is made using 50% to 70% of the total material. Rena Top Hardener is evenly broadcast onto the concrete surface. When the material becomes uniformly dark by the absorption of moisture from the concrete this first application can be floated. Wooden floats or, on large areas, the power trowel with disc may be used. It is important, however, that the surface is not overworked.

Immediately after floating, the remaining Rena Top Hardener is sprinkled evenly over the surface. Again moisture is absorbed and the surface can be floated in the same way as before. Final finishing of the floor using a power trowel can be carried out when the floor has stiffened sufficiently so that damage will not be caused.