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Renabond AAC Joint Mortar

Our AAC Joint Mortar is a cementitious polymer-modified adhesive designed for joining lightweight Masonry units like AAC, ALC, and Cellular concrete blocks. We manufacture high-quality Renabond AAC Joint Mortar at the best market price. The joint mortar is specifically manufactured as an AAC joint adhesive, which can be used to lay AAC blocks with thin joints firmly and easily. 

The mortar is highly efficient and delivers excellent functions in reducing the bonding materials by up to 75%. The joint mortar from Renaatus Procon consists of eco-friendly materials, making it a great sustainable product and the choice of many builders. 


  • Ready to use, just add water
  • Easy mixing and application
  • Flexible, shock and impact resistance
  • Quick and economical
  • Formulated with locally sourced minerals
  • Contribute to LEED points

Application Methodology

  • Ready to mix: Renabond the Ready to use adhesive can be used just by adding water at the prescribed ratio.
  • Cleaning the Renacon AAC block: Before laying the AAC block, the side layers of the block should be made wet with soft sponge.
  • Laying the first line: The first line of AAC block need to be done by conventional method for better result.
  • From second layer: After the laying the first level, from second layer renabond should be applied both horizontally and vertically with special trowel with 2-3 mm thickness.
  • General note: After laying AAC block for 4 feet , it is recommended to do sill concrete for every 4 feet to get best bonding, strength and avoid cracks in future
Renabond AAC Joint Mortar
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