AAC Blocks’ ingress into the Indian Market – The Evolution

AAC Blocks’ ingress into the Indian Market – The Evolution

AAC Blocks Manufacturer
AAC Blocks Manufacturer

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks – A revolution in the Construction Sphere would have provided you with a larger scope of digging deep into the world of AAC blocks.It is evident from the factual representations, AAC blocks existence was first witnessed in the mid-1920s in Sweden. Yes, that was when the lightweight precast building material reflected its first glimpse. Since then, the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks flourished across the global market in a shorter span. But, their arrival into the Indian Market?

AAC Blocks Manufacturer

For over 90 years the international market has witnessed the massive growth of AAC blocks, with a greater leap at each stage of market progression. However, the Indian market first observed the flourishing of AAC in early 2000. Though the original traces were found a little before, lack of implementation knowledge and the awareness in the Indian market led to the progress-halt. Later, a gradual study on these AAC blocks and its unsurpassed benefits led to the growth of this non-combustible building material.

Studies show that the year of 2010 had a greater part to play in the history of AAC blocks in India. There were around 5 – 7 AAC Blocks Manufacturing plants in the country. Owing to the environmental well being and social benefits, AAC industries started piling up in large numbers.

  • Reduced level of energy resources consumption
  • Reduction of fossil fuels consumption
  • Minimalistic GHG emissions
  • Eradication of Fossil Fuel Combustions

The aforementioned, environment-beneficial manufacturing process has hit hard our construction industry. People in the industrial and construction business sectors greatly perceived the advantages of the ecological green building material (AAC) that turned the tables upside down.

AAC Blocks Manufacturer

The technical benefits of AAC blocks implementation were plentiful,

  • Raw materials are utilized to the fullest, hence zero wastage
  • An Environment-friendly alternative to clay bricks
  • Fire Resistant and non-combustible
  • Non-toxic
  • Energy Efficient
  • A higher degree of Thermal Insulation

In addition to the above technical benefits, the AAC blocks are considerably known for its Economical advantages as well. Owing to these tremendous benefits that the AAC blocks uphold, their ingress into the Indian market didn’t take much time. The popularity of AAC blocks then never took a halt, people started to invest more time in knowing the AAC blocks better. The construction sphere here forced several recces and technical evaluation on the durability of the AAC blocks.

This shift in transition amidst the people and industry led to the flourished acceptance of the green building material across India. Moreover, the studies as on March 2015 revealed that were approximately 70 AAC Blocks Manufacturing units in India and that was a massive count that the construction industry never dreamt. Such was the degree of magnification in the domestic arena.

So now, you would have a clear depiction of the AAC blocks stature in the Indian market. The predominant transitional shift in AAC blocks is proof that the world’s second largest manufacturing industry is experiencing an evolution. Yes, truly one that would transform the way the construction industry is looked up to in the near future.

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