Renabond, pre-mix cement based adhesive is a special joining material used to lay AAC blocks, bricks and concrete blocks.

This adhesive requires no curing and it matches the composition of the AAC block. Mixes easily with water, quick to work with and suitable for fixing tiles and natural stones in interiors of the building. It can also be used as a wall and floor tile adhesive.



renabond applicable areas

Ideal for interior use.
Fix tiles, stones and also as wall adhesive.


Of Renabond Cement Based Adhesive

  • Easy workability/application
  • Pre-mixed, just add water
  • Time saving
  • Shock and impact resistant
  • Matches the composition of the block
  • Thin layer sufficient for joining
  • Improves comprehensive and tensile strength
  • No curing required
  • Thin bed- better insulation
  • Fast and cost-effective
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